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What Is Health?

We defined “Wellness” for you last month. Continuing with this theme, what is the definition of “Health?” — Let’s stop scrolling for 5 seconds to critically think, and define health. — I have asked hundreds of people this question and...

Interview with Health News Radio

What a great opportunity! Health News Radio let me share a bit of my journey into and within this magnificent profession. I am honored to be on the show and humbled to be interviewed by THE Dr. Steve Hoffman! In...Continue reading

Chiropractic Research Database

Many have asked where to find chiropractic research. There is an AVALANCHE of scientific, evidence-based research out there. We just have to look. Here are just a few ‘go 2’ databases that will surely hold your critical thinking cap on...Continue reading

Welcome to Golden Health Chiropractic

I want to give a HUGE shout out to Mr. Eric Purdue for his amazing producing/directing skills. He walked almost everywhere in Golden to get these shots. Hard worker, this guy! After seeing first hand the effort and creativity it...Continue reading

Doctor Defines Wellness

“The preservation of health is easier [and much cheaper] than the cure for disease.” – B.J. Palmer. As consumers we can not assume that marketing phrases and labels are created in our best interests. Most insurance companies will not pay...Continue reading

Press Release: New Local Small Business!

Lookout community! You’re about to become a whole lot healthier. Golden Health Chiropractic was mentioned on ‘NewsLink: Colorado Community Media.’ We are so thankful to spread the word of this amazing opportunity to serve. Here’s the link:,7217Continue reading

Mind, Stress, & Body

We live in a booming tech. era. Advancements in communication technology alone have allowed abundant access to information that didn’t exist decades past. There is an obvious knowledge-hungry movement in the direction of health and wellness trying to break free...Continue reading

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