Doctor Defines Wellness

Too often, we see or hear words like “Natural,” “Sugar Free,” or “Wellness” used incorrectly in a shady attempt to deceive the perception of the lay public. It’s unethical, and it disrespects intelligence. I got sick of it. So, when they put me on the radio, I spread word to the masses to shape a healthier community.

Our task is to be smarter consumers and to not assume that marketing labels and phrases are created in our best interests.

Please don’t take your health for granted. It is unfortunate that it’s so difficult for any individual to fully appreciate his/her health until it’s gone; and when this happens, the first symptoms may be the last, i.e. heart attack, stroke, kidney failure, cancer.

The idea is simple: A simple fix now to avoid nasty problems in the future. Remember, symptoms are the last thing to show up in any disease process.

If you or your family have not been screened for nerve interference, then make an appointment today, and make the effort to improve your health.

“The preservation of health is easier [and much cheaper] than the cure for disease.”

– B.J. Palmer

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