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My Healthy Philosophy

I believe that created within all of us is an intelligent capacity for healing, and that we all deserve our highest expression of GOLDEN health from our first breath to our last. To achieve this and more, a healthy functioning nervous system is paramount. We should therefore live a life free of nerve interference to fully express our human potential.

- Dr. Kevin Holman, DC.

Meet Dr. Holman

Dr. Holman is a renowned chiropractor who provides an expert level of skill and passion to deliver the best possible care. He is highly trained and experienced in Chiropractic, and he is well known for his mastery in adjusting technique.

His primary technique scientifically applies a comprehensive solution to your health and wellbeing. This is achieved by discovering the cause of your condition; and more importantly, discovering how to prevent this and other conditions from occurring in the future.

He understands the level of intention and focus people need to achieve their highest individual goals. It is for this reason, and many others that Dr. Holman will dedicate his time to meet you at your supreme level of expectation.

Board Certified Doctor of Chiropractic with a Bachelor's degree in Human Biology.

Meet Allie

Allie was born & raised in Las Vegas, NV, but her lifelong love of the mountains and outdoor sports brought her to Colorado in 2018. Her first encounters with Chiropractic were as a teen to help with injuries stemming from competitive volleyball and swimming.

She was reintroduced to the power of Chiropractic in 2020 and has personally experienced the life-changing results that Dr. Holman's level of care provides. She now loves to use her knowledge and positive attitude to promote Optimal / Golden Health in our practice and in our community!

Golden Health's Chiropractic Assistant.

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